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Fundacion Las Golondrinas in partnership with Eafit University

Since 2020, the EAFIT University and the Fundacion Las Golondrinas work hand in hand in the development of different lines of training that allow training in early childhood, to the general public and educational agents.

Grimaldy Yepes Zuluaga, Missionary General Chief of Continuing Education and Director of Permanent Education of Eafit university, highlights the importance of this agreement with the foundation. His words: "from the EAFIT University there is a commitment to childhood, to improve the skills of the people who take care of children, who are our future."

For this reason, the School of Humanities develops programs that allow the qualification of educational agents and the general public in educational strategies for quality monitoring of early childhood in the country.

Thanks to these qualifications, in 2020, 554 educational agents from different territories of Antioquia and Cordoba states were accompanied with the programs "The rights to the right" and "enrichment of educational environments".

The purpose, this year, is to continue with the training in first childhood, improve the capacities of the educational agents who are in charge of the boys and girls, and develop the necessary tools for their accompaniment

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