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Strategic alliance for economic reactivation and social development

On July 23, we were accompanied by businessman Juan Manuel Jaramillo, director of the Todos por Nuestro País Corporation, an organization that has brought together several businessmen who seek to foster and promote the economic reactivation of different sectors and communities of the nation. In this meeting with the Las Golondrinas Foundation, represented by the Director of Missionary Projects, Reinel Arias; Villa Hermosa (The Beautiful village), the Commune 8 of 16 that compounds the urban area of Medellín, was visited, in which it was proposed to implement economic reactivation strategies, after the impacts suffered by the pandemic and the blockades carried out by the social demonstrations of past months in our country and which still occur to a lesser extent.

With this alliance, needs and vulnerable populations will be characterized, in order to strengthen the enterprises of those inhabitants of the commune; who, with strength and "verraquera", try to overcome the complex moment experienced by the social, political and economic dynamics of our country.

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