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New alliance between Eafit and the Las Golondrinas Foundation will train more than 2.500 educators

The agreement expands the educational offer of the University to train in issues related to early childhood.

The Las Golondrinas Foundation, in cooperation with the Eafit University, has begun the qualification of 2,521 educational agents in three new programs offered by the higher education institution: protective environments for early childhood, environmental education from early childhood and steam skills (science , technology, engineering, art and mathematics) in early childhood.

The qualification process, which begins through Fund 1787 of 2019 of the agreement between the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare and ICETEX, seeks to strengthen the capacities of human talent that works with pregnant women, boys and girls up to the age of five and their families, with the aim of improving the quality of comprehensive early childhood care, one of the three mission lines for which the Las Golondrinas Foundation has worked for the last 40 years.

The cooperation agreement between the Las Golondrinas and Eafit is of great importance for both institutions. According to Gabriela Santos, executive director of the non-governmental organization, the alliance is especially significant because it contributes to the fulfillment of the Foundation's mision and opens the doors of the University to early childhood as a new area of academic knowledge. "Together we are stronger, thanks to this important alliance with Eafit, the Las Golondrinas Foundation becomes a trainer of trainers", she says.

The programs are aimed at educational agents, community mothers, psychosocial professionals, pediatricians, nutritionists, pedagogical coordinators, community facilitators and any other person whose occupation is directly involved with the protection and development of early childhood. The two courses and the diploma offered by Eafit, as of August 18, 2021, will qualify personnel in 22 departments in Colombia.

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