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Early childhood


We provide comprehensive and differential care, to guarantee the initial education, care and nutrition of babies, boys and girls up to 5 years old.


In the Child Development Centers-CDI, the Fundacion Las Golondrinas seeks to guarantee the initial education, care and nutrition of children under 5 years old, through Comprehensive and Differential Care, based on its own education model. Through suitable and qualified personnel and in its own CDI, owned Colombian Institute of Family Welfare -

ICBF or owned by other organizations, the Foundation guarantees the children’s rights and promotes protective community environments.

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Modalidad Familiar

Family Modality

Attention to Mothers and Children in Rural and countryside areas. Care and strengthening of parents and caregivers in rural areas and dispersed areas where there are no development centers.

Propia e intercultural

Own and Intercultural Modality

Accompaniment work for Indigenous Communities and Families.

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Hogares comunitarios de bienestar integral

Comprehensive Welfare Community Households (HCBI)

We provide accompaniment, qualification and training to community mothers who care for children in their homes, improving comprehensive care, conducting on-site accompaniment, and strengthening the development of intentional interactions.

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Nutrición y Salud
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Nutrition and health

We comprehensively serve early childhood families and communities, to preserve health and reduce morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years old, through disease prevention and health promotion.

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Formacion a agentes educativos

Education Agents Training

In alliance with the EAFIT University, we train and accompany education agents in the enrichment of environments, in education strengthening and training in the protection and guarantee of girls’ and boys’ rights.


Colegio Básico Camino de Paz

Since its origins 40 years ago, the Fundacion Las Golondrinas has sought to contribute to the improvement of the educational quality of the inhabitants of Comuna 8 of Medellin. For this, it has joined with its beneficiaries and allies and has built a school with two campuses (Colegio Basico Camino de Paz Basic Llanaditas and Caicedo-Villa Liliam), which is an educational institution with coverage for basic primary and secondary.

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Regular Education

Colegio Camino de Paz
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Social And Community Development

Desarrollo Comunitario
Unidades Productivas

School of arts, crafts and entrepreneurship

This program of the Fundacion Las Golondrinas accompanies training for employment and entrepreneurship in order to its beneficiaries can improve their income. With the support of the National Learning Service - SENA and The Ashmore Foundation this space has become in a training space for hundreds of youth and adults. It is the big difference between becoming a development agent for the society or succumbing to vulnerability and lack of opportunities.

In addition to this, we strengthen social and community development, we provide care to families to turn them into protective environments for children.

Video to listen to the testimonies of the beneficiaries:

Escuela de Artes y Oficios
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