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You can be a builder of an inclusive, equitable future that recognizes the dignity of all in different ways.

Be part of the world transformation as a volunteer.

At Fundacion Las Golondrinas we need you. If you have any of the following profiles, fill out the online form and we will contact you. In case the slots are full, we will contact you in the next cohort.

Required Profiles:

  Assistant English teacher.

  Fundraising/Crowfunding Assistant.

  International Cooperation Assistant.

  Communications Assistant.  

  Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Assitant.

  General Projects Assistant.

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Other ways to take action

Otras formas de involucrarse

Grow with me plan.

With this plan, you hace the chance to join our social work. You contribute to the childhood transformation and togther we work to satisfy the basic needs of underprivileged children, who are part of the Fundacion Las Golondrinas. You can sponsor the children so they are guaranteed:

Access to Colegio Básico Camino de Paz.

School breakfast.

Psychosocial guide.

The monthly contribution is: U$D40 (or $100.000 Colombian pesos)..

With your support, dreams are created, smiles are woven and lives are transformed.

Please report your constribution at: 314 5201020 ---

Fill out our form to be part of our sponsorship plan. 

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Golondrinas por la Niñez

Full Tulas.

You can donate your second-hand ítems in good condition. Your donation will help improve the quality of life of children in culnerable situations in Medellin.

We receive all kinds of donations such as:


You can contact us and we will collect your donations. Together we can transform lives.

Information at: 3134625396. -

Tulas Llenas
Compras con senido social

Shopping with a social sense

Post inicio_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Escaparate las Golondrinas.

We are the clothing store of the Fundacion Las Golondrinas, which promotes shopping with a social sense and second chances, through balances from big brands at incredible prices and second-hand clothes or items that support our approach to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks to the sales made in our store, the Fundacion Las Golondrinas can raise funds to guarantee the inclusion, recognition and equity of the rights of children and their protective devices. For each purchase, you are supporting the transformation projects of comprehensive early childhood care, education and community development.


Our warehouses are located in:

Main Store: Cll 50ª# 41-31 Downtown Zone

Outlet store neighborhood LLanaditas: Cll 59c#19-56

Outlet store neighborhood Villa Liliam: Cr8A#56-64

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 of the noon

Social media:

    Facebook: Escaparate Las Golondrinas

    Instagram: escaparate_las_golondrinas


If you are a brand and want to give your balances a second chance, you can be part of our Escaparate las Golondrinas, comunicate with us
For more information, please contact us at: 3134625396 -

Escaparate las Golondrinas

For more information contact us at: 3145201020 

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Bonos Póstumos

Posthumous bonds.

The posthumous bonds is a donation to the Fundacion Las Golondrinas in the name of someone who dies, by acquiring it you express your feeling of condolence and support for the family that has lost a loved one, in this way you contribute to transform the lives of children of the Fundacion Las Golondrinas. We have candles and succulent plants that can be received with a contribution of U$D40 (or $120,000 Colombian pesos). Also we can offer you Condolence card with a contribution of U$D30 (or 60,000 Colombian pesos)

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